Service, a new cooking game

Here is a cooking game I’ve been working on a while. It consists in serving recipes to clients inside of the restaurant. The service needs to occur with respect to time constraints.

A tutorial is available in order to get familiarized with the features of the game. Levels will progressively get added once it’s no longer in testing phase. They are going to feature a variety of different recipes as well as stations as I like to refer to them.

For a reason I cannot comprehend, I am unfortunately unable to record the game. You’ll have to contempt yourself with this image for now, or you can play with the link below. Have fun.


Hey there,

The game is private.

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Sorry for the inconvenience, it should be public now!

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Okay thank you. I’ll check it out shortly!

Pretty amazing creation, I was not expecting such quality and it even has a tutorial! 7/10, could use bodycolor randomization for the customers and maybe have some customers be more impatient. Some things to add to the final product could be more pizzas, more ingredients, and a way to expand the restaurant or cook faster, maybe you could try hiring but idk if that would make it too restaurant tycoon-like.

Good game.

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Here’s what the service essentially looks like. I’ve also fixed the durations for station ingredients processing in the tutorial as I’ve made it much shorter to speed up the testing process.

The video will be available in higher definition once YouTube finishes its work.


Released a new Tacos map. Let me know if there’s any problems and what recipes would you like to see in the next maps.

The game looks nice and impressive job!

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The game’s a great start, this could turn into an amazing game!

However, I came across a few problems. Occasionally, I wouldn’t be able to interact with anything, I couldn’t identify the problem, but rejoining fixed it. As well as that, the peperoni and peppers had their collisions on, and I was getting stuck in the boxes or barely able to cut them on the cutting station.

Also, as a first time player being alone, the game was extremely fast for me and I wasn’t able to get all my orders in. Maybe you could be able to vote for a difficulty option in the game? Where the higher difficulty gives you greater rewards?

Even with my problems, the whole game was great and I think you have the potential to make something amazing here!

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I always forget to disable collisions for ingredients. Will do that next time I get an opportunity to work on the game. Thanks for pointing that out.

Difficulty might globally be lowered as well. It’s a factor that should be defined by the recipe to achieve and the customer entrance rate, but the latter might be decreased. I’ll reconsider parametric difficulty the moment complaints about the game being too easy arrives.

As for the incident involving your inability to do anything at some point, is it reproducible? I might have to start logging actions as a fallback, but an explanation of what led to that state with a video for instance is always welcomed.