**.-*Sesame Parks Robloxia Yearly Address*-.**


Notes -

December or 2021 as a Whole was a wild year for Sesame Parks Robloxia! Many memories was created in a short period of time! 2021 was quite the journey leading up to our former name ||Sesame Street Land Robloxia|| being changed to Sesame Parks Robloxia around summer in 2021 & Our shape or development of our park being changed 4 different times! With that being said, a new chapter is opening up as new era’s begins! Let’s say goodbye to 2021 and say hello to 2022! More fun to come…

Staff Of The Month

Staff of the month will be ItsTheUniversal! He has been putting all his effort and hard work into this group from day 1! Personally I’m very proud of his great work and it will be noticed!

2021 Memories

CapturBooth pic

Sesame Park Staff pic 1
Sesame Park Staff pic 2

Sesame Parks 2022 Winter Awards NEWS

Yes! Sesame Parks Robloxia will be hosting our very first awards next month! More information about this SPWA will be said later on in the future.

That’s all the news we have for the 2021 address but we are expecting more joy & fun to come this month! Have a sunny day.

- Sesame Parks Robloxia