Set Children UI Height to Parent Height and Set Children Width Evenly to Fill Parent Width Like a List

The title explains it.

As shown in these images, I want something that looks like this but, easier to make… I had to manually resize the children to make the sizes good enough.



It would be nice if I could just add in another frame and it resizes everything for me.

I want all of the children’s height to fit the parent’s height and the children’s width to be evenly distributed to fill the parent’s width.


You’re asking for flexbox, right?

Unfortunately, Roblox doesn’t support flexbox yet. However, what you can do is use a UIListLayout as normal, but just set each element to have a Size of<number of items>, 0, 1, 0), using a script.


Well unfortunately, like @qwertyexpert say’s, there are no Flexible Box UI’s available in the studio yet.

however this can be solved in a manual way, by using everybody’s favorite subject…Math! see what I did there >:)

Use and ratios according to the original frame size, and have the local script constantly check for resizing in a .changed or :GetPropertyChangedSignal triggers.