Set- & GetTeleportSetting doesn't persist across servers on the server

What happens:
When you use TeleportService:SetTeleportSetting() through the server to save something, you can only return that data through TeleportService:GetTeleportSetting() in that specific server. It doesn’t replicate to other servers and new server also won’t have that setting stored.

What I think should happen:
Setting a setting through TeleportService:SetTeleportSetting() should also make the setting replicate to other existing servers and newly created servers that belong to the same game.


  • Create an empty place and publish it.
  • Join the place, open the F9 menu and put this in the server command bar:
game:GetService("TeleportService"):SetTeleportSetting("Test", 67)

The output should now print ‘67’.

  • Leave the game and join a new server or teleport yourself with the F9 menu to another place within the same game.
  • Open de F9 menu and put this in the server command bar:

The code doesn’t print anything nor does it error.

Every place on the main website

It happens in all games. Or well, I think so. I tested this in two of my own places with little to no code in them so I would assume that this behavior also happens in every other place.

No idea, but I think this has been the case ever since these two methods were added.

Now I know that there might be a few people who are thinking “But Zomebody, these methods are meant for client usage only!”. At least, I think that’s something some of you might be thinking because I’ve heard people talk about these methods only working on the client. However, if that were the case then the GetTeleportSetting and SetTeleportSetting methods wouldn’t be usable on the server. In fact, using SetTeleportSetting and GetTeleportSetting within the same server works perfectly fine! The wiki also doesn’t mention anything about these limitations which makes be believe that this is in fact a bug, because it produces unexpected results.


To be fair, Im not really sure how youre supposed to use these properties.

Could you test this on the client? I am wondering if it’s client-oriented but not specified.

These methods are only intended to be used on clients. They should throw an error when called on the server. It was merely overlooked. I’ll file this bug internally so we can fix it.


Can you update the Wiki too? Currently none of us writers can.

I’ve updated the wiki.

You can’t edit the page? It isn’t protected or anything
EDIT: nvm you’re not a writer anymore


As far as I was aware, all writers got demoted during the transition period. If this isn’t the case then I am unsure as to why I have @UristMcSparks

Yeah, I saw there was a major demote 5d ago