Set "Who can join me" to "Users I follow" and nothing else

As someone who doesn’t want friends joining me at specific times and instead JUST the people I follow, this is not currently possible without the use of private servers or disabling joining all together, or disabling it before friends join. Right now, you can set your settings as the following:

  • Everyone - Allows anyone who visits your profile to join you with nothing stopping them. I believe this is a 13+ feature.
  • Friends, Users I Follow, and Followers - Any random person who visits your profile will have to at least follow you to join you, or as stated you follow them, or simply just friend them.
  • Friends and Users I Follow - This limits you to either be following this user or you two being friends, any random user will not be able to join you unless if they meet this criteria.
  • Friends - The default setting I believe, you two just simply have to be friends, so this excludes users that you follow.
  • No one - Disables everyone to even know simply the game you’re playing, no one will be able to join you.

I think it would be a very nice feature if in between “Friends and Users I Follow” and “Friends” if you can make it specific to ONLY users you follow, excluding friends (unless they are someone you follow) as for me, I have a higher chance friending someone than following them. I know this really isn’t common since following doesn’t have such a small limit.
I just believe it would be a nice feature if you could filter to the users you follow and only the users you follow. This could lead to possibly better joining for streamers (who don’t typically have joining enabled and have to play VIP Servers) or developers.