SetPrimaryPartCFrame not working as intended

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    A door, where when you interact with a proximityprompt it will go from opened to closed, or closed to open.

  2. What is the issue? Include screenshots / videos if possible!
    The thing will just rotate by 90 degrees when I interact.

Video of the buggy door:

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	if object.PrimaryPart.CFrame == object.DoorHingeClosed then

DoorHingeOpened and DoorHingeClosed are within the model? If so, take all the door pieces and put them in another model inside the door and set that one.

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looks to me like the “object” is inside the model, if it is it will take the objects Cframe and change it bc its inside the model

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Oh, the doorhinge parts are inside the model. I forgot that SetPrimaryPartCFrame would do that, lol.

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