Setting a player’s network ownership

Hello everyone!

I am trying to make knockbacks for my combat and its really slow(as in it takes a few milliseconds for the player to be pushed) in pvp so i tried setting network ownership of the player being hit to the player thats hitting. Then i read an article that stated that a player’s character’s network owner will always be the player. After reading this i read another post that taught me if i use constraint on a player’s character, his network owner will change. I tried using rope constraint to set the network ownership of the other player’s character to me, but a bug appears where my movement froze and i think it is because im no longer calculating my physics. I wanted to know if there is a different way of going around this!

You can set the network ownership to the server (By doing SetNetworkOwnership(nil))

This can maybe fix that

Hey, What solution did you take Ouw0pp, the creator of project slayers?

I did the knockbacks on the client being effected

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