Setting an offset to a player's right shoulder

So, I am looking at how to make a BodyPosition CFrame set to the right side of the player. I want this Part to sit right next to the player’s right shoulder, and have an offset of 10 studs.

The thing that I’m confused on is what to do to make the BodyPosition go on the right. I’ve tried it on an offset of 10 on the Z axis for a stationary object, but whenever the player turns, the object isn’t on the right shoulder, and is instead behind the player.

This may sound a little confusing, but I hope that it does make sense. I’m sure there’s something simple to fix this problem, but I am confused on what it is.


Would you mind sending your current code?

Then you can just get the right vector of the shoulder and multiply it by 10:

local RV = RightShoulder.CFrame.RightVector
Part.Position = RightShoulder.Position + RV * 10
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