Setting gui's position to part's position inside viewport frame?

Hey there! So, i want to make a minimap system that lets say theres a part in the map, i want to point an arrow to that part.

How would i do that? I have no idea on how i would do this because i have found absolutely nothing on atleast an idea on how this would work.


I think this tutorial would help:

If you want to make like an objective marker system, I suggest this video as well:

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Alright, so, i think i can get the minimap crossed off my list, but the one thing im concerned about is setting a gui’s position to the position of the part inside the viewport frame, any idea on how to do that?

Found absolutely no posts about it except one and i dont seem to get an answer off that one post either

I’m sorry, I will do more research onto that. Unfortunately I don’t know anything as of now.

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