Setting MaterialVariant doesn't auto set base material

Expected Behaviour:
Before one of the recent updates, if setting the MaterialVariant of a part, and the part’s current base material doesn’t match the desired MaterialVariant’s base material, the base material would automatically match that of the selected MaterialVariant.

Current Bug:
When setting the MaterialVariant of a part that doesn’t have a matching base material of that MaterialVariant, the part’s base material doesn’t automatically match the MaterialVariant’s


Im also experiencing this issue. Its a big pain to find the correct host material

I genuinely thought I was losing it. Despite it being a really small issue it’s beyond frustrating - especially if you want to change the material variant of a bunch of parts and forget about it, then see this once you deselect them all. It doesn’t even waste a lot of time to correct it, but it’s just super damn annoying.

I noticed this recently as well. Thanks for reporting this bug.

I was confused when I tried to set a part to a material variant then after some trial and error I figured out I had to set the matching base material first(manually).

Just got this as well. Selecting a MaterialVariant wont auto-match the base material, and I get thrown an error.



This actually started out as a message to the bug support team just a mere few hours before your post.

It only recently got approved and re-posted here by staff.

Thanks for the report! We’ll follow up when we have an update for you!