Setting New World Center

I’m wondering if there’s a way to set a new “center” client-side. After you go above about 100k studs from the center, things start to glitch out visually.

So far, I’m thinking of essentially selecting a new center, then moving that to the actual center of the world, moving everything relative to that. But before I go through all of that, I’m wondering if there’s a way I can simply tell the game to use a different location as the world center client-side.

I noticed that Workspace has a property of PrimaryPart, but it doesn’t seem to do anything related to setting a center.
(I’m aware that this isn’t normally what the PrimaryPart property is for, but I didn’t see any other reason for the Workspace to have such a property.)


Yes, you can do workspace:MoveTo(Vector3) however this won’t solve the visual bug as that’s not relative to the workspace.

I don’t reccomend moving the workspace though, as it may have a major performance impact.

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You could move everything including the player client-side, but keep in mind that shifting back to <0,0,0> will NOT move other players in the server, so you may see others walking around you (and they will see you as well) when you reposition the terrain around you.

I was planning on removing player characters that have different world centers client-side.

Thanks, that would explain the PrimaryPart. That’ll make things a bit easier. Though I was wondering if there’s a way to set a new center without having to move everything?

You’re referring to the world’s origin. No, this cannot be changed and not much can be done to mitigate the visual bugs.

Alright, oh well. I’ll go with the alternative then. Thanks