Setting Parent of OriginalSize to NULL Warning

A common bug report of the alpha testers of a game I am working on is the following warning stream:

Now, this does not cause any actual problems (they are just warnings), but I do not understand why they are occurring. It is as if something is trying to specifically destroy all of those values, yet I certainly have no script in which everything named OriginalSize is targeted and destroyed. I also definitely do not have a script that tries to destroy any limb or character part. My game is also one in which the character is never respawned (i.e. he lives forever, as there is no way for him to die).

Currently, the only possibility I can see is that this is some form of Roblox engine bug, but since this has not been reported anywhere else, I want to think that this is because of something different. Has anyone run into this problem as well and can give me some insight?

Can you inspect your DescendantAdded connections to check if they delete stuff?

Running workspace.DescendantAdded:Connect(function(d) d:Destroy() end) and inserting anything into workspace produces the same error.

I believe this is a recent issue… I am seeing it in Studio in all of my own games as well. Haven’t checked a Baseplate for this but I will soon.

Most likely there was a change to default character scripts (probably to cleanup these values) and I can almost guarantee that this is not your fault.

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I do not have DescendantAdded connected for the character (or any parent of the character), so this shouldn’t be the problem.

It appears this issue isn’t taking place anymore and I wasn’t able to find anything related in any non core scripts :man_shrugging:

I have this same error in the game I am currently working on. It happenes rarely though. Don’t know why…

EDIT: It does not affect gameplay. Or stop other scripts.

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This warning only occurs where something is Destroyed (or set to nil) almost immediately after creating it. I can confirm it occurs to me, but only occasionally.

I support this statement. I think it’s something on Roblox’s part.

However, to my knowledge, it is does not cause any detrimental effects to the affected game (other than numerous output messages). You shouldn’t be worried about it.