Setting parts to a large size via properties panel when placed on Terrain causes studio to become unresponsive for a long time

Here’s how to reproduce this bug:

  • Create a new place
  • Generate some terrain
  • Create a part and drag it so that it is physically on to the terrain using the Select tool
  • Using the properties window, set the part size to something large, like 1024, 1024, 1024
  • Bear witness to the frozen studio instance :frowning:

This isn’t a complete freeze; if you have the patience to wait a while it will eventually finish doing whatever it’s doing and go back to normal. (Although the first few times it happened I thought it was unrecoverable.)

Only happens with larger part sizes like 1024 or 2048. Smaller sizes, like 10, don’t have any issues. In my testing, this bug happens every time I follow those steps. Collisions (Collision Check) are disabled. I am on Windows 10.

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Hey, just letting you know I filed a bug ticket with the team responsible for terrain. Thanks for the report!