Setting Range on SpotLights and SurfaceLights to 0 with Voxel Lighting emits light

When using SpotLights and SurfaceLights with the new voxel lighting engine, setting the Range to 0 causes strong light to emit in a grid-like area, rather than no light being emitted at all.

VoxelLightingBugRepro_1.rbxl (13.1 KB)

In the repro file, it includes four parts, the yellow one has a SurfaceLight inside it and is encountering the issue, however next to it, the blue part is not encountering the issue despite it having the same SurfaceLight inside, moving this part on the Z axis in certain position values causes this the issue to happen again.


To the right of these parts are the pink and cyan parts with SurfaceLights inside, these both encounter the in addition to the issue being encountered regardless of their position, unlike the SpotLight parts.


This happens in Studio version 0.375.244916 and seems to occur on all Windows machines.


Thanks! The surface light bug is known and we’re looking into it. We didn’t realize that spot lights are subject to the same issue - we’ll fix that as well.

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This has since been fixed, thanks!

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