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Hello, I have recently finished my Options/Settings menu, but have no clue what to add to the setting menu. I will appreciate your feedback

and suggestions.


Looks pretty good at the moment, with the text font and color choice, it’s really neat.

I do think the text at the bottom right could be a bit brighter if a user is at a certain place where the text won’t show, and maybe the blur could be a little less blurry.

Anyway, nice job!

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Looks amazing keep up the great work. Also did you use UI Corner for the rounded edges?

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Yes, I was going to previous use roundify but since UiCorner came up I been using it

Yeah its really good, I’m gonna start using it alot more, is it live in games?

Sadly no. it only in studio :sob:

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What languages do you have? (30 Chars)


A lot
I’m doing all Languages they have on Roblox.

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Brazilian Portuguese (Limited)
  • French (Limited)
  • German (Limited)
  • Korean (Limited)
  • Japanese (Limited)
  • Simplified Chinese (Limited)
  • Traditional Chinese (Limited)


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I believe UICorner was announced live yesterday.


Is “Limited” you only have basic translations?

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Overall, very good UI. Keep up the good work!

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Looks really good. I like that it looks a bit fancy. Would definitely catch my eyes.


Sorry, i have got confuse with the Customer Service.