Settings for Default Properties

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to have default settings for new places and new parts. Things like having Outlines disabled on a new place or making all sides Smooth on a new part aren’t currently configurable. It gets annoying to have to remember to anchor or remove studs on every new part.

I feel like there should be a new setting menu in studio settings which enables you to set default properties. This would include things like

  • Outlines being enabled/disabled on a new place
  • Experimental Mode being enabled/disabled on a new place
  • Parts being anchored/unanchored by default
  • Parts having Studs by default
  • ResetOnSpawn being true/false on new GUI Objects by default

I’m not sure how practical this would be to add, but I would personally find it useful to be able to configure settings like these.


Additionally, it would be great to have PluginSecurity access to this data, because many plugins I have made rely on being able to figure out when a new object has been inserted.
plugin:GetDefaultProperties(classname) would return a table of properties, maybe?