Sever Script doesn't always run

How does this make sense?

Before you ask, yes, the game and script is saved before running it, and after 2 seconds It doesn’t print anything at all.

Studio Bug maybe…?

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Does anyone have a solution? This is bugging me.

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Does the same thing happen if you remove the wait(2)? Also, are there any other scripts that run? The only thing I can think of would be that after yielding with wait, another script starts running and never yields/finishes, so the original script never gets a chance to resume.

Yes, the same thing happens with/without the wait. Something must be stopping the script pre-maturely.

Is this script stored in ServerStorage? Try storing it in ServerScriptService instead, no clue what else could cause this. Try also using task.wait(2) instead of wait(2), as the latter is discouraged but I doubt that would do anything.