Several bugs with the latest studio update, including the command bar, the explorer tab, and the CoreScripts

I have come across multiple new bugs with Roblox Studio version 0.343.1.215372. If it helps, I am running macOS High Sierra version 10.13.2.

Bug #1: command bar crashing

The auto suggestion feature of the command bar is consistently causing Roblox Studio to crash. When I type the first letter of the given suggestion, studio crashes. For example, if I were to type “p” and the command bar suggests “print(5)”, studio would crash if I typed “r”.

Bug #2: problem with explorer tab arrow key navigation

This bug is relatively minor. When navigating through the explorer tab with arrow keys, if you select StarterGui, the arrow keys stop working and don’t start working again until you select another object twice.

Bug #3: ChatMakeSystemMessage no longer works

Whenever I use the “ChatMakeSystemMessage” parameter of StarterGui:SetCore(), I get the following error: “SetCore: ChatMakeSystemMessage has not been registered by the CoreScripts”. This is highly inconvenient for me, as a significant part of my current project relies on this feature.

On a related note, the scripts inside the KeyframeSequenceProvider are causing a total of 541 warnings for the use of unknown global variables. Although these scripts don’t cause any errors, they effectively make it impossible for me to find problems with my own scripts using the Script Analysis tab.

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The ChatMakeSystemMessage bug has been fixed in the latest studio update. Thanks!

Edit: never mind, it hasn’t. It seems to be somewhat inconsistent.

None of these bugs have been fixed in the latest studio update. They are still causing me significant inconvenience.