Several issues today

I’ve started working on my game today and I’ve noticed several problems. Things to note below:

  • The place is a saved file and not online.
  • Filtering is enabled.
  • My internet is a little poor at the moment (probably insignificant though).

First of all, StarterCharacterScripts doesn’t seem to be working at all. Scripts, parts, etc. aren’t being replicated into the character. Maybe related, I had to update some scripts because CharacterAdded doesn’t seem to be firing when the player first spawns.

Secondly, I keep getting these errors whenever I test play: 16:51:04.558 - FormFactor is deprecated. You should no longer use this property. 16:51:04.565 - FormFactor is deprecated. You should no longer use this property. 16:51:04.566 - An error occurred 16:51:04.567 - Script 'Plugin_142269879.CmdUtl.lua', Line 1992 16:51:04.567 - Stack End 16:51:04.925 - Unable to load plugin icon. Image may have an invalid or unknown format. 16:51:05.109 - Color3.fromRGB is not yet enabled. 16:51:05.109 - Script 'CoreGui.RobloxGui.Modules.VR.LaserPointer', Line 77 16:51:05.110 - Stack End 16:51:05.110 - Requested module experienced an error while loading 16:51:05.110 - Script 'CoreGui.RobloxGui.Modules.VR.VRHub', Line 11 16:51:05.111 - Stack End 16:51:05.111 - Requested module experienced an error while loading 16:51:05.111 - Script 'CoreGui.RobloxGui.Modules.Chat', Line 83 16:51:05.112 - Stack End 16:51:05.112 - Requested module experienced an error while loading 16:51:05.113 - Script 'Script Context.StarterScript', Line 40 16:51:05.113 - Stack End 16:51:05.114 - Requested module experienced an error while loading 16:51:05.114 - Script 'CoreGui.RobloxGui.Modules.ChatSelector', Line 165 16:51:05.115 - Stack End 16:51:05.120 - Requested module experienced an error while loading 16:51:05.121 - Script 'CoreGui.RobloxGui.CoreScripts/Topbar', Line 72 16:51:05.121 - Stack End

Also as the errors suggest the topbar is completely missing and I cannot open the menu (ESC). Fairly critical.

Lastly, not as important but the game seems to have switched from R15 to R6. Dunno if it’s because it’s not saved online (thus the inaccessibility to a game universe) but it used to be R15 for the past week or two.

EDIT: These problems persist with FilteringEnabled off.

I have seen these issues on SiteTest1 recently. Any chance you installed a test version of studio from a test site and are using that?

I’m fairly certain that I’m using the latest public Studio version though I do have the audio test build installed (but no test site builds). I’ll check again after I’ve finished eating.

The issue on sitetest1 was basically a mis-configuration of flags, and it was causing the exact same core-script errors. If the issue was on production, it would be probably be breaking a lot of live games.

I reopened Studio for the third time and now everything seems to be fixed (including reversion to R15, user-choice). Not sure what happened but my Studio is fine now. I haven’t downloaded and opened any test builds at all recently so I suppose this was just a weird glitch.

As TheGamer101 said, a flag mis-configuration can cause those kinds of problems. If your connection is unstable when Studio starts, it might not be able to get the flags from our servers. This also would explain why it worked on your third try, perhaps your connection was more stable briefly and it got the flags it needed.

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