Several Right To Erasure requests for same game & userId

One day I got a right to erasure request for a dumb random game I made a in 2018. I was confused about this, as I had never gotten one before, and it turned out I had to erase all DataStore data of the user. Well, my game didn’t HAVE any DataStores, EVER, as far as I know. I checked the game for any viruses that might’ve used that, but found nothing.

A day later, I get another one, same game, same user. I decide to ignore it, because last time I didn’t find anything.

It has now been eight days later, and I get SEVEN REQUESTS! Same game, same user!

I have no clue what is going on or what to do about it. The userId sends me to a 404 page.

Here’s the “game” if you need to the link: Zalgo - Roblox

And here’s the entire message. Remember, all of them are EXACTLY the same.

Hi Dev, 

We received a right-of-erasure-request for the following User ID(s): 


Please delete this User ID immediately from all of your records (e.g. games, data stores, etc.) from the following Game(s):

This is an obligation under data protection laws. If you would like more information about how to delete a User ID from a data store, please visit our Developer Hub at , and 

Please note that you must delete the User ID from all of your records, and not just from your data stores. The pages linked above are provided for informational purposes and are not intended to provide a comprehensive method of deleting User IDs. 


The Roblox Team

Thanks for any/all help. Very odd, huh?


Should I just not worry about it?

Maybe that user spammed the right to erase request. I’d just keep deleting those messages if you already checked and don’t have any data.

I have no idea why anyone would ever submit to have their Roblox data erased in the first place. Boggles the mind.


Sounds about right to me. But yeah, really weird.

I get the same message with the same id
whoever that id belongs to i hate him


That’s pretty funny… I really wonder whos doing this

Just got two more today… whoever is doing this needs to stop.

They’re just trolls who spam the button. It’s idiotic.

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