Severe Frame Rate Issues on Roblox Universal App

I am encountering frame rate issues with first person games on the updated universal Roblox app. The application is jittery and constantly freezes every few seconds, which makes playing FPS games like Arsenal impossible. On top of this, sometimes my shortcuts like pressing the escape key take a few seconds to even work as the new application slows my computer down.

It only seems to occur on games which are locked in first person

Games where the issue is reported:

I hope this bug can be fixed soon, as I cannot play these games properly until the issue is fixed.

Running Windows 10 20H2 on the latest universal app.


Would like to know if it freezes for you on my game - It’s not first person, but it’s locked exactly the same in terms of controls:

Hey I Have the same problem but my computer audio crashes when I open a roblox game.
I Don’t think theres any solution for it unless you use an fps unlocker

Seems to have been reverted for the time being, so the issue is fixed for now on my end.

EDIT: Got the universal app again, but didnt encounter any frame rate issues. Seems to be fixed but will update if I encounter it again.


Experiencing this issue again, and am unable to play Arsenal. Recorded an example of what’s happening. As of right now I cannot play any first person games, and am unsure how to fix this.


I don’t see any technical details on your device in this thread, can you add them? Bug reporting guidelines mention which specs to capture. Adding a microprofiler dump might help too.

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Apologies, have included it now.

I’ve realised that rbxfpsunlocker seems to be causing more lag spikes, but I still get frequent tiny lag spikes when not running it, but not enough to use the microprofiler on. If the issue changes I’ll update this thread, but have submitted a bug report on the unlocker github page.


What are you’re computer specs?

This issue should now be resolved! If this issue is still occurring, please create a new topic for us to look into.


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