Severe Roblox studio Lag and graphic issue

When I tried to zoom out, there’s like a big stuttering / lag issues and I wasn’t able to zoom out smoothly (as shown in gif), then eventually it zoomed out.
I am also on a Mac.

It happens in Roblox Studio, started happening maybe around last week? i’m not too sure on the specific exact time.

The graphic issue:

When i move my camera around it’s as if the graphics display just completely distorts

Hello, thank you for the bug report. I have a few questions: What MacOS version are you on? Does this happen only on a specific place, or any place in general? Do you have any comparable issues in the game client?

Hi, thanks for reply, here is the overview (including the version of the mac i’m on)

Well i mostly work on this specific studio place than other studio places nowadays, so since most of my studio time nowadays is spent in this studio place i cannot really give a accurate answer if it happens in other places.

It doesn’t really happen on client if i recall, seems to occur in studio, lag is sometimes very a lot that i’d have to just close studio and give it time.

Can you please confirm whether these issues persist if you switch the Studio Settings > Rendering > Graphics Mode setting?