Severe Weather VFX (Feedback)

Me and a few friends are working on a game and we’ve created what we think is quite realistic severe weather. The tornado is buggy, but the rain is pretty solid. What do you think we could do better? (Please ignore the trees bouncing around everywhere haha)


The VFX is very good! It looks and sounds realistic! Nice job on it!


Walter that is not roblox, it’s unreal engine. (ITS AMAZING!) But I would say work on the tree movement in the first clip because its unnatural.


thats amazing!!, it would be cool if car alarms had a chance of triggering during storms, just for the extra realism.

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The tornado got me crazy not gonna lie! Love it in every way, does it also makes your camera go crazy when you near tornado? Like the water droplets as rain does. (Since tornado takes water up too)

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Love the detail that the water droplets blur parts of your screen. Nice work!

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I believe the Tornado should have a more distorted twirl on the clouds above, and it shouldn’t stretch as far as it does. Other than that, this is beautiful.

Someone else mentioned the tree movement, but I’m sure the showcase was more centred towards the rain.

This is above my technicalities, but I just wanted to share an appraisal and my opinion.

The rain is great! So many times have I seen rain in a game and it suck. But this rain is great! The tornado looks insanely awesome too! Both would be great in a game like Anomic or other DarkRP City game. Great work!

The tornado’s size and ropey-ness proportions are realistic (Tornadoes can be as tall as boarding two miles!). And also based on the Twister Movie first tornado. (Albeit in different lighting conditions). When I created it I was taking in reference footage and science from real tornadoes whilst still trying to have a Twister - esc style. The tornado is mainly just a placeholder right now.

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