SFOTH Remastered: Do or Don’t?

I have been thinking about this for a while, and now that I have learned the skills necessary for these types of games, I want to see some community feedback. Should I create a Sword Fight On The Heights: Remastered game? Will I get in trouble for doing these? Share your thoughts!

  • Make SFOTH: Remastered!
  • Don’t make a game like that.

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Feel free to tell me what option you chose and why.

EDIT: I forgot to include the reason as to why I wanted to make something like this, and that is mainly because the old SFOTH game (1st version) was very simplistic and fun to play, however, is now forgotten history. Remaking this game while adding more features and whatnot seems like a good idea and a good option to get more people actively engaged in the Sword Fighting community.


I feel like there are a lot of games similar to this and I voted not to, but I don’t want to discourage you at all! If this is going to grow you development skills and be fun do it! Also, you will not get in trouble at all I think the SFOTH game is open source and free to use for anyone as a sort of staple game.

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I really like your feedback. While I do understand how there are already remade classics on ROBLOX, I have not seen one about probably the most legendary classic ROBLOX game yet. I imagine making it with the old simple studs and classic build-style, but with new features like map cycling and maybe new weapons to collect and use.

I made this with some friends years ago and I think one of the maps is SFOTH (if you want some ideas): [UPDATE] Sword Champions! BETA - Roblox

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You won’t get in trouble. These are old uncopylocked games.
Do what you want to do. You don’t need approval from others to do it.
Have fun! Thats what matters.
It would be good practice regardless.
It might take off, it might not. You’ll get something out of it regardless.


I just reviewed a remaster of this game on this forum. If it’s a passion project, go for it but don’t expect it to become popular or profitable. There are so many “remasters” of this game that yours might just become another remaster.

This game is in Super Nostalgia Zone made by CloneTrooper1019,but,you want to do an remastered version,well,go for it,i’am not an veteran or something like that,but if you want to do it,sort of,follow your dreams? I guess…

If you want to make one go for it, but I honestly think the trend is getting kinda old. SFOTH IV reachs to about 40 concurrent players. You could make tons of new features though, so you should do it but at the same time not.

I honestly am sick of sword fighting games we already have countless things in this genre try making something that hasn’t been revived in ages and could bring back nostalgia but it is going to be a bit difficult so take your time

Probably not a great idea commercially, but if want to improve your skills and expand upon what was done in that game, it’s a good idea. I actually did this myself a few years ago:


It is partly what got me into the DevForum back when it was application-based and full members-only :stuck_out_tongue: