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SFS - Banking System

What is SFS - Banking?

This system is designed for games with need of a more secure, easy to use, and advanced economy system. This system supports many more advanced features, as well as offers features to prevent dataloss as well as prevent economy 'fraud'. This sytem uses an Object-Oriented module, in order to allow it to be directly integrated into your scripts using familiar functions.

What features does SFS - Banking offer?

There are many features that Banking offers, such as:

  • Bank & Wallet support
  • Optionally supports bank transfers to other players, along with daily / player limits, as well as optional transfer fees.
  • Optionally allows players to claim 'interest' which increases over a time period that you can adjust.
  • Secure system, ensures that no exploiters can take advantage.
  • Uses a notification system that relays information to the user (This is automatic, and will happen when using certain methods such as SubtractBalance, etc.).
  • Object-Oriented functions to allow you to use familiar methods to control players economy. This allows custom uses, such as ATM's, Shops, and practically anything you can imagine.

What else is special about SFS - Banking?

This banking script was designed to be integrated with your own scripts. While standalone it will function, it comes with tons of easy to use functions and methods that you can use to add your own uses. It uses a BindableFunction on the client, that you can reference in your own LocalScripts in order to control the system's client-side. On the server, you can require the AccountManager module and use the functions there. Both of these methods are shown below.

Integration Documentation

Welcome to SFS Banking
Below is a guide on how to implement and use this resource.

# Setup

Configure the settings, and use the optional included ATM model if needed.

# Requiring the module

 First, require the module (path by default ServerScriptService.SFS_ServerScripts.Banking.AccountManager)
 This is necessary for all the following sections

# Account Operations

First steps to any bank account management is to get the Player's bank account

To do this use the function .getPlayerBankAccount(Player) e.g:
local playerAccount = module.getPlayerBankAccount(Player)

From there, you can perform a number of different operations, a list is as follows:

- Authorative Management 
    > This is not to be used for purchases

playerAccount:AddBalance(Amount) | Adding balance a bank account
playerAccount:AddWalletBalance(Amount) | Adding balance to Wallet

playerAccount:SubtractBalance(Amount) | Subtract balance from a bank account !! This should not be used for purchases
playerAccount:SubtractWalletBalance(Amount) | Subtract balance from a bank account !! This should not be used for purchases
!! These methods do not check the minimum balance, and can cause the account to go into negatives !!
- Implementing Purchases
    > To implement custom item purchases
playerAccount:AttemptPurchase(Amount) | Withdraws from Bank - Returns true / false, depending on the outcome of the transaction
playerAccount:AttemptWalletPurchase(Amount) | Withdraws from Wallet - Returns true / false, depending on the outcome of the transaction

local completedTransact = playerAccount:AttemptPurchase(1000)
if completedTransact then
    -- your code to grant product

- Balance Checking

playerAccount:GetBalance() | Returns balance of Players bank as an integer
playerAccount:GetWalletBalance() | Returns the ballance of Players wallet as an integer

# Client Interactions

To interact with the client, use the BindableFunction ClientInteractions
Example code:
    local clientInteractions = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage").SFS_RemoteEvents.Banking.ClientInteractions
    local completed = clientInteractions:Invoke("ToggleUI")
    > completed = true, since if no data is returned it will always be a bool
Below is a list of all valid input
    ToggleUI | Returns {bool} of .Visible property
    GetBankInfo | Returns {table}: 1 = bool Success, 2 = Table
	CalculateTransfer [Amount] | Returns {table}: (int) Fees, RemainingBalance
	GetInterest | Returns {table}: 1 = bool Success, 2 = Amount/ErrorMessage
	AttemptTransfer [PlayerName,Amount] | Returns {table}: 1 = bool Success, 
# Extra info

Anything else needed can be found in the AccountManager / InterestCalculator ModuleScript, by reading the code

Where can I get SFS - Banking?

Get the loader here

Alternatively, you can directly get the MainModule here: MainModule

UI Screenshots:

Light Theme:

Banking Panel GIF (Dark)

Banking Panel Image (Light)

Next Steps:

  • Create UI theme cache

    Notes & Credits:

    This system uses TopbarPlus v2 by ForeverHD, found here: TopbarPlus

    This system uses the DraggableModule by Spynaz, found here: DraggableModule

    This system (along with all other SFS Modules) loads the SFS Package Manager module found here: Package Manager

    Created by RlGHTEOUS

    Ok, but what is this used for? Is it for making leaderstats or like for datastores or, what is it?


    It allows users to create a customizable currency system, in which they can claim ‘interest’ (an amount of money that increases over time), transfer money, supports Wallet/Bank money, all while being easily integrated into the users own scripts.
    (This is all listed in the original post lol)


    Interesting. but does it create leaderstats for the currency or is it like a GUI?


    No leaderstat at the moment, though I might add that in a future update. (You can add this functionality by yourself if you want though). It comes with a default UI, that you can disable if you want.

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    No, it’s actually ok that it’s leaderstats bc I wanna access it in serverside, thanks for the info

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    Yeah no problem, no leaderstat but you can still easily change the amount of money in players accounts.
    Just require the module like the docs show, and use the :SubtractBalance or :AddBalance methdos.

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    Do I just have to put in Workspace?

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    Definitely gonna stay up to date with this system, because I’m working on a wasteland-themed world where players can form factions or just try to survive. This might come in handy if I decide to add economy into the game for the player-base. Well done.


    Place the model into the workspace, and then configure the settings to your likings. The loader will clean up after itself, so don’t worry about placing it anywhere that looks nice (the logo is just for the thumbnail)


    I can’t find the included ATM. My noobness is showing :rofl:

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    Not your fault, bit of an oversight on my part. Forgot to include it in all of the latest updates. Should hopefully be able to get it done sometime soon.

    Sorry for re-opening this thread, But is it possible to get in contact with you? via discord. I left you a PM.