SFS | Cafe & Restaurant Order System

I tried on normal Studio test, Team Test, Local Team test.

PM me on discord / devforum so I can try resolve your issue
Edit: Issue was resolved

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Version 1.2d Released:

New features:

  • New popup for customers to show how far their order is from being completed Menu

Back end changes:

  • Updated PackageManager
  • Changed DataModule to a SharedModule, to allow for future SFS Modules to use it.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed niche bugs
  • Fixed few niche errors

(If any one has any suggestions please let me know as I am a bit stuck for future updates)

A good update would be an option to edit the fonts of the UIs on the Settings script. It would be useful to users like me who although can edit the fonts on the module, are not experienced enough to then edit minimum ranks, group ids and everything else given on the Settings section.

Alternatively adding a version using Gotham would also suit me perfectly. :wink:

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Great idea, I’ll update it pretty soon.

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Version 1.2e Released:

New features:

  • Now supports customizable fonts!


  • Due to the update adding a new category to the settings module, you will have to do one of the following if you wish to use different fonts:
    Either reinsert the module, or add the following line to your settings module.
FontSettings = {
		MainFont = Enum.Font.Bangers, -- | This is the Font most text will be displayed in
		-- | If no MainFont is given, will default to SourceSansLight
		BoldFont = Enum.Font.SourceSansBold, -- | This is the Font that will be used for Bold objects (can be the same as MainFont)
		-- | If no BoldFont is given, will default to MainFont

If you don’t wish to use custom fonts, you can ignore this as the module will continue to use default font settings.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a number of PackageManager issues

Something like this would definitely be nice, a cleaner GUI with icons but so far this seems like a really great system!

Yeah, remaking the UI would 100% be something I’d look into in the future.

Unfortunately, I am not that skilled when it comes to UI design. I agree though, the current UI does feel a bit too ‘functional’ and doesn’t really fit to a cafe style. Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

Version 1.2f Released:

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed critical points issue:
    Due to incorrect capitalization, points were failing to save meaning they would be reset in every new server. (Thanks to @softleys for informing me about point issues)
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After I give the items, the GUI with the items that I need to give is still there, is there something I or the other person needs to do?

How do I go about adding custom items to the menu? Sorry if its really easy lol im just terrible at anything scripting involved

I didn’t make it but there is a way to add them in one of the scripts.

Yeah my scripting ability is about -6 so saying “Oh you can do it in the script” means about as much as telling a sloth to run away

This is not intended behaviour, after completing the order the UI should disappear.
Are the items crossed out on the menu?

Here are the steps to add custom items:

  1. Open Settings Module
  2. Navigate to ‘Items’
  3. By default, there are two categories, ‘Drink’ and ‘Food’; Feel free to add your own categories like so:
CustomCategory = {},
  1. To add items, simply add a new entry within a category. (E.g)
Drinks = {
     "Hot Chocolate",
-- Or
YourCategory = {

I just have a suggestion, so this system uses the TopBarPlus Module. My suggestion is, we can configure the icon just like this…

local Icon = require(game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage").Icon)
local icon = Icon.new()

I use icons for my game, I noticed that the S icon was covered by the other icons

But what if I want a physical item? I have this sushi dinner model I made and I turned it into a tool but I have no idea how I would go about adding it to the system.

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The system works off names.
Assuming the sushi model is a tool, simply add it to the system like shown above with the name matching the tool name.

I’ll get back to you on this, as this seems like 2 topbar plus instances were initialized which shouldn’t happen.