SFS | Cafe & Restaurant Order System

SFS - Cafe & Restaurant Order System

What is SFS - Ordering?

SFS - Ordering is a system designed to improve your Cafe / Restaurants item ordering experience. It does this by adding many features relating to order placement useful for both staff and customers, as well as providing a few tools in order to help oversee order placement. This system comes built in with many optional features, such as points, a give system, item tracking, as well as a lot more!

What features does SFS - Ordering offer?

There are many features that SFS offers, such as:

  • Fully customizable item menus
  • Supports item categories. E.g Drinks -> Coffee
  • Order Logging, which will allow ranks you choose to view previous orders placed into the system, along with the staff member, customer, and items.
  • Secure system, performs checks to ensure no fraudulent orders are placed.
  • Optionally tracks items to make sure only the staff member assigned to the order can give the customer items that will count towards their order.
  • Ensures that if either staff or customer leaves the game, the order is cancelled and the Staff/Customer is informed. (Basically cleans up)
  • Easy to understand UI, to help staff members place and fulfill orders.
  • Optional points system. If enabled, every order completed will give the staff member a point.
  • Supports any 'Give' system, as long as the item is put into the customers backpack
  • Optional 'Give' system, which will allow staff members to hand items to customers.
  • Ability to restrict amount of items ordered at a single time.
  • Supports duplicate item orders -> E.g 3 coffees
  • UI Themes

What else is special about SFS - Ordering?

A big part of the development of SFS - Ordering was focusing on making sure it is efficient, and not bloated. Many Cafe systems out there are often filled with unnecessary features, as well as bad code practice. This system aims to be compatible with many other commonplace cafe systems, while providing it's own functionality. 

Where can I get SFS - Ordering?

Get the loader here

Alternatively, you can directly get the MainModule here: MainModule

UI Screenshots:

Light Theme:

Order Placement UI Gif (Light)

Order Ticket UI (Light)

Order Logs UI (Light)

Dark Theme:

Order Placement UI Gif (Dark)

Order Ticket UI (Dark)

Order Logs UI (Dark)

Next Steps:

  • Improve error messages
  • Create UI theme cache

    Notes & Credits:

    Install guide found here: Installation Guide

    This system uses TopbarPlus v2 by ForeverHD, found here: TopbarPlus

    This system uses the DraggableModule by Spynaz, found here: DraggableModule

    Default prefix is ':'

    This system (along with all other SFS Modules) loads the SFS Package Manager module found here: Package Manager

    Created by RlGHTEOUS

    Cool, this is just what I need for my cafe game.


    This is great, thanks for open sourcing!

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    Version 1.2 Released:

    New features:

    • TopbarPlus integration (works with pre-existing, else loads its own)
    • Light UI theme

    Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed UI resetting on spawn
    • General fixes

    Back end changes:

    • Restructured folders, to allow future SFS Modules to load in same folder directory to prevent clutter

    Hey It personally doesnt work for me, I get no GUI or anything. Not sure if i have done it wrong or?

    Hey, just tested this on a fresh account and all appears to be working. Not sure what issues you could be encountering, though heres a few things to try:

    • Make sure you have the right model inserted: SFS | Cafe Ordering - Roblox
    • If you’ve changed the settings, make sure they’re all set correctly - please note that the default settings will work and will display the UI to ALL players
    • Have you tested this in a ‘Start Server’ / Actual game? Local Playtesting: Icon Start Server: Icon
      (Local Playtesting may sometimes have issues while loading not sure why)

    I don’t know how to install, can you tell me how to use it?

    A suggestion, can you make the actual ordering system open through TopBar rather than a settings menu that has no purpose other than to change the theme? Other than that, this is a great system and I would recommend it to others!

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    Yeah, that’s a pretty great idea. I originally made the open button before I integrated with TopBar, but I’ll change that pretty soon. Just a thought, do you think I should make each (future) module with UI have their own open button, or simply add them to a drop down under a single button to avoid clutter?

    Basically trying to plan ahead for future modules with UI (e.g theme settings will control theme for all SFS UI)

    Version 1.2b Released:

    New features:

    • Replaced dedicated open menu button with TopbarPlus button

    Back end changes:

    • Restructured loader shared modules to allow for future compatibility with other SFS Modules

    Bug fixes:

    • Fixed TopbarPlus deselection issue
    • Small general fixes

    A suggestion, add an option to open the ordering system with a ClickDetector on something. If this sounds confusing, essentially you could make have ordering tablets and when staff click them the gui comes up.

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    Could you also provide a comprehensive installation tutorial?

    Yeah, your suggestion above could be a good idea though I’d have to think of a good way to implement it. Thanks for the suggestion though, I’ll have a look at adding it in future updates.
    Comprehensive installation guide: SFS | Ordering Comprehensive Install - Album on Imgur

    Alright, thank you! This will help a lot as I use TB+ in my own game.

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    Yeah Its the right model, I didnt Edit anything expect Group ID and Rank.

    And I tested it in normal test, Team test and published it to a game, Wierd.

    Really not sure what could be the problem. Are there any errors in the console? I’ve followed exactly what you did and it worked for me.
    (Also I assumed you put the rank in as a number)


    Here are the errors

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    I believe I found the problem, please try again and let me know if the issue is resolved.


    You’ve tried it in a published game / start server test (icon)? That seems similar to the error that happens in a local test.