Shade Shuffler - Create Color Variations In No Time!

Do you ever create trees only to realise they look like plastic toys when you’re done?
Or do you ever make cliffs and they look like huge wall of brown slate?
Or do you ever make rocks and they look like cement poured ontop one another?

With the shade shuffler, you can create variation of color within model in no time!

Almost every individual part will have a different shade of the same color, making your cliff and rock and trees so much more unique, so much more natural! :happy3:

Oh, no this is not a plugin. It’s a code block.

“Okay. How do I use this then?”

Step 1: Copy the code

local bcolors = {}
local parts = {}

--> get all parts, categorise them into brickcolors
--> randomise the shade for each part

local sel = game.Selection:Get()

local function addToDict(part: BasePart)
	if part:IsA("BasePart") == false then return end 
	bcolors[part.BrickColor.Name] = bcolors[part.BrickColor.Name] or {}
	if bcolors[part.BrickColor.Name] == nil then print(part.BrickColor.Name, "got nil table", bcolors) return end
	table.insert(bcolors[part.BrickColor.Name], part)

for i, v:BasePart in ipairs(sel) do 
	local desc = v:GetDescendants()
	for j, child:BasePart in ipairs(desc) do 

local rand =
for bcolor, tab in pairs(bcolors) do 
	for i, part:BasePart in ipairs(tab) do 
		local color  =
		local random = rand:NextNumber(0.8, 1.2)
		local rgb= {}
		for j, base in ipairs(string.split("RGB", "")) do 
			rgb[base] = ((random) * color[base]*255)
			if rgb[base] > 255 then rgb[base] = color[base] end 
		part.Color = Color3.fromRGB(rgb.R, rgb.G, rgb.B)

Step 2: Paste the code into a script and disable the script (Parent the script under camera for easy access)

Step 3: Select the model you want the shade shuffled

Step 4: Copy the code from the script and paste into the command bar

Step 6: Press enter

Step 7: Don’t like your new shade? Undo and press enter again!

Step 8: Repeat Step 6 and 7 until you’re satisfied


(Obviously don’t do it on grass or it’ll look like a kid’s crayon drawing)

Also a tip:
To clear the command bar you can either

  • Scroll the command bar down
  • or click the command bar and press alt+a, then backspace