ShadeX roblox shader model!

I have officially released the model of ShadeX. You may use this model for your games with realism, and if you have any issues or bugs, feel free to message me.


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Warning: If the head movement does not work, it may just need a moment to load. If it still does not work, make sure to up the wait() time in the “head” script. It may need to be extended if players internet is a little worse than others.

(This was heavily inspired by CloneTrooper1019’s system, I just made this for practice and thought it would be nice to release it)

Apparently, the characteradded function completely breaks the “head” script, so if you do have an idea how to fix that, please let me know below.

ShadeX roblox shader model! - #23 by Algrythm

Upon inserting the script, it is automatically ready.
Example: 2021-03-30 19-08-51

Link: ShadeX Full Release! - Roblox

Newest Release: ShadeX V2.0 Release


Can you upload some photos as I am looking for something like this also this belongs in #resources:community-resources

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Alrighty, I fixed that, thanks!

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And yes, of course, one second.

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Here ya go, it has no sound oddly, but it also has custom footsteps 2021-03-30 19-08-51

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Can we see any examples of it, and how it works?

You can read the code on the model and yes, 2021-03-30 19-08-51

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It does include custom walk sounds, they just did not get recorded oddly.

Oh almost forgot to mention, this is R15 only

I may release an R6 version soon


can you please include a gif of what this does?

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Here is a link to a video of it. It also adds custom walk sounds, but my recorder didnt record audio oddly. 2021-03-30 19-08-51

In short, it adds Viewable body in first person, Head movement, Lighting Effects, and custom walk sounds just by inserting a script.

Just a quick message: The Code is very messy and I may clean it in the future.

Are you sure you didn’t just steal those features from Realism?


It was heavily inspired by CloneTroopers Realism System.

I did code it myself though. I didn’t steal the code.

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Apologies, the script may have not worked as I had accidentally misstyped something in the code. I have fixed the issue.

Yeah, That would be nice. The lighting is good but, theres something a bit off about this part of it :thinking:

Note: This was after about a minute in game.

It is because you are R6, this version only supports R15.