ShadeX roblox shader model!

And yes, of course, one second.

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Here ya go, it has no sound oddly, but it also has custom footsteps 2021-03-30 19-08-51

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Can we see any examples of it, and how it works?

You can read the code on the model and yes, 2021-03-30 19-08-51

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It does include custom walk sounds, they just did not get recorded oddly.

Oh almost forgot to mention, this is R15 only

I may release an R6 version soon


can you please include a gif of what this does?

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Here is a link to a video of it. It also adds custom walk sounds, but my recorder didnt record audio oddly. 2021-03-30 19-08-51

In short, it adds Viewable body in first person, Head movement, Lighting Effects, and custom walk sounds just by inserting a script.

Just a quick message: The Code is very messy and I may clean it in the future.

Are you sure you didn’t just steal those features from Realism?


It was heavily inspired by CloneTroopers Realism System.

I did code it myself though. I didn’t steal the code.

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Apologies, the script may have not worked as I had accidentally misstyped something in the code. I have fixed the issue.

Yeah, That would be nice. The lighting is good but, theres something a bit off about this part of it :thinking:

Note: This was after about a minute in game.

It is because you are R6, this version only supports R15.

I may release an R6 version in the future.

Yeah, I saw that after. Is the head and sound the only thing? Cause I don’t see why it should be called ShadeX then.