Shading on Clothing

I’ve been designing clothing for a year and a half and I’ve had some trouble with shading. I used to just put a box around it, blur it then lower the opacity but I’m wondering how to add wrinkles that actually look good and more.

Here are a two examples if you’d like to give critique on them (They’re dance costumes since I’m a designer at a studio):
jazz costume showcase jazz outfit showcase

Also, tips on making fishnet and sparkles is appreciated!


I believe there’s actually a lot of pictures in google with transparent clothing-wrinkles ( whatever you call it ), I’m not really sure though. Hopefully I helped!

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I reccomend using clipping layers and not as much blur, or alternitively you can use a transparent airbrush with high opacity and generally meduim to small size to refine the blur - I prefer that effect. Also, highlights enhance the 3D effect of the clothes as well as drop shadows to where the skin is touching the clothing. In the darkest part of the shadows add a sliiightly lighter colour thus creating a dark run around the shadow, as seen here:


Much appreciated! Thank you both so much. :heart: