Shadow flickering issue

The shadows in my game flicker as a result of my bullet tracers. I have narrowed down the problem to the tracers themselves, as the bullet calculations every frame alone do not cause this issue. The shadows never flicker when I’m not firing or when there are no tracers. I’ve searched the devforum and elsewhere online and have found no other cases of or solutions to this problem.

Tracer CFrame/Size is being updated in a regular RenderStepped loop(not BindToRenderStep)
Future lighting: diffuse & specular scale set to 1
The cameraSubject and Focus are set correctly to the character.
The map is near (0,0,0), but not below Y:0
The flickering happens in both studio and the game client

The tracers are made of two parts: a sphere MeshPart, and a part with two attachments and a beam, none have CastShadow enabled

Any help would be appreciated!