Shadow_duo324/GFX artist/For hire {CLOSED}

Hey, How’s it going? I’m shadow. I am a GFX artist and have about 6 and a half months of experience. I just love making pictures and hope to make awesome pictures that you desire. Although school has thrown a wrench in things, I can still find the time to design awesome GFX for you.

Here, I showcase some of my best works, as long as commissions for some wonderful people. I hope you like them:

Click for commissions showcase

Here is a commission I made for @Fishst1 for his upcoming game:

Here is one I made for @Subsz:

Some pictures I made for fun

Payment is completely negotiable. Paypal is my go-to method of payment, although Robux is also a good option. Here are some rough prices to get a better understanding:

$5-8 for a thumbnail
$4-7 for an icon
$4 for a gamepass icon
$3.50 for an ad
$2 for a logo


400-600 :robux_gold: for a thumbnail
300-350 :robux_gold: for an icon
250 :robux_gold: for a gamepass icon
200 :robux_gold: for an ad
100 :robux_gold: for a logo

Again, payment is completely negotiable so if these rough prices dosent fit your budget, don’t worry.

You can contact me on:
discord: ShadowBoi#0802
Instagram: shadowboi324
(I’m 3x as likely to respond to you on discord though so its better to contact me there)

Thanks for reading my presentation. Hope to see you soon and make you the best pictures that I can. Have a good day and stay safe.


Couple of new things added. check em out!

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Accept my Discord Friend request, I’m interested.

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I had the pleasure to work with him! Excellent prices for such a good quality, everything was quick and just how I wanted it!

Highly recommend!