Shadowmap non antialiased massive hole from long shadows

!!old post from 2020, phrasing may be rude!!

I’ve been building my game, normally like any person would, but I’ve noticed something (which had already happened in the past, but i didn’t know why until this happened again). For seemingly literally no reason (except roblox’s engine getting some sort of seizure over any large things), a massive, non anti aliased hole appears in the middle of long shadows at a certain distance. Here, a tall building is casting a shadow on a smaller building that’s a few blocks away. The building’s a bit larger than the 2048 stud limit, and whoops, a shadow hole.

The same shadow also completely dissapears and reappears when rotating the camera (with a hole too) when getting a bit far from it on the ground:

Reproduction steps: Make a tall building, probably with a few copied and pasted 2048 stud towers, then follow the shadow until the hole appears/the shadow dissapears. This also happens on non copied and pasted instances of towers when the clock in lighting is set at a sunset.
Here’s a reproduction file, for people too lazy to copy and paste a tower to make a building over the normal size limit:
shadowholebug.rbxl (19.5 KB)


Thanks for the report! We’ve filed this internally and we’ll follow up here when we have an update for you.


This bug is being looked at by the engineers. When there is more information i will pass it along.


I am encountering this same issue. It seems like tall objects that cast shadows from a very far distance lead to this issue.

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