Shadows disappearing when camera moves around

Attached 2 videos to this with it happening

Happening in this game: BIG Paintball Props - Roblox

Computer specs:
Nvidia RTX 3080 TI
Intel Core i9-12900k
64 gb ram


Having multiple lights in areas makes it harder for the engine to determine what light source shadows go where.
What is your LIghting Technology set to?
What is your Studio Graphics setting set at?
Is your in game/test Graphics setting at Automatic? Try setting it to 10 and see if that changes the shadows.

It could be a lag issue. More lag will cause the rendering engine to lower your Graphics setting, which can cause lighting issues like this.

I think I am experiencing a similar problem.

It appears that the high-quality shadows disappear completely when looking a specific direction. I assume this is some sort of optimization, so that shadows the player can’t see aren’t computed, just that it isn’t properly accounting for the area the shadow encompasses.

Game: Rope bridge - Roblox

I am relatively sure this only happens on Future lighting, Voxel/ShadowMap simply can’t give non-sun shadows or lights this much definition:

The voxels used for non-sun lights on ShadowMap and all lighting on Voxel are 4x4x4 cubes, way too big to create the immediate transitions between light and dark seen above.

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Forced game quality to max. Tried different lighting settings (voxel, future, shadow map)

Issue still persists. I’ve even cleared the game of all lights, and replaced a few of them. There’s definitely not too many lights in the scene.

Thanks for the report! We’ll follow up when we have an update for you.


The experience seems to be set to private, so verifying what is happening in the specific experience you are referencing is hard. If you could send me a .rbxl or at least unprivate the experience, I can start figuring out what’s happening.


For now, I’ll check other experiences in the thread, but they seem somewhat different from the actual bug in the OP’s post and title.


A solution should be deployed in a coming patch/release. Look out for “Updated shadow disappearing logic.” or something similar in the developer notes of coming releases. That is the marker for when the fix for this particular issue should be available.

UPDATE (Sept 20 2023):
The patch should officially have been released already on most, if not all, devices. Let me know if anyone is still experiencing this issue."