Shadows Not Rendering

Currently working on a game, but I need the shadows to be visible from further away, they are currently only visible from 10 studs away or less. I need them to render from at least 50 studs. Images:



Any help is appreciated.

Try making a rig just like the shadow then color it fully black then try changing the material to something that’s visible, that’s just a suggestion.

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I need players to be visible though, the rig is just an example lol

Oh, then you can add a part or spotlight to StarterPlayer or StarterCharacter scripts, or you can try editing StarterCharacter or StarterPlayer with a script.

I don’t think it’s possible to have a true shadow. You may want to use a programming related method or to redesign the seating entirely.

This isn’t possible because the engine as a whole is far too metaverse innovative and modern, and this has yet to be implemented because no other game engine has achieved such effects.

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Such as? I don’t know what exactly you mean

You could have a script that makes you look shadowy like an actual shadow behind a certain material, you could do that where it detects a certain material, or you can make it where if you’re standing on a specific material, it changes the player’s appearance.

OR, you could make it where the curtains are a little transparent, then add a black nearly transparent “Part” that is not able to be touched, you can find that in the Properties tab, the black will make it kinda look like theres a shadow, then once a player appears behind the curtain, all you can see is a shadow.

Would you possibly be able to provide a visual?

Alright, here you go.

Btw, the black part should be set to Neon for a better shadow in my opinion