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Hey! I’m ShadowTrojan and I’ve been on the platform since 2010. I’m a self-taught 3D Modeler and I specialize in asset design, particularly weapons and vehicles. My work is primarily done in Blender but I’m just as familiar with the studio tools as well.


My work so far has been just for fun and thus I’ve drawn heavy inspiration from numerous fantasy video games and real-life things. If you see something that looks familiar, that’s because it is!




Nissan GTR GT3

McLaren 720S

Bugatti Chiron

Project Experience

I built various maps for a Card-Jutsu inspired passion project with other builders. Below are my involvements in the map design
Link: card - Roblox

Incomplete Water Dojo


Below are a few watches that I built for fun primarily in studio.

  • Rolex-inspired

  • Richard Mille-inspired

Below is a link to a unique watch that was never finished. It’s mesmerizing to look at nevertheless.

High-detail assets such as supercars and similar vehicles will begin at 20k and go up with complexity. Other assets pricing will be determined based on the task at hand.

Prices are always negotiable and both group payouts and PayPal are welcome.

My availability varies because of college but I often have a few hours of free time per day for work.

Terms & Conditions
  • I do not offer refunds since I’m offering my time as well as assets but I will definitely redesign the asset accordingly, however major changes may end up costing extra.
  • I can deny any commissions

I consider Roblox website dms spam and don’t usually check devforum dms

Thanks for stopping by! :pray:


Hello I am looking to hire your skills for cars and map building, I can be reached via discord ROWG_Leader#3822

woah weapons look amazing

give me a general price range for a weapon of about that detail quality please

what about in bulk? like 30ish weapons?


Add me on discord and we can negotiate prices! Jozlin#8005

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I have just sent you a friend request! Looking to hire!