Shaftey Café Handbook

Shaftey Café Handbook

Welcome, in this handbook, I will be including a recipe guide, promotion guide, session schedule, Training guide, and information.

Recipe Guide

Milkshakes: Grab Glass + Milk + Flavouring (Mint, Banana, Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate) + Blend.

Pastries: Soon will be bake able items.

Promotion Guide

Wanting to be promoted from Head Barista to Shift Manager? What we look for is spread out activity, what we mean is; try to be at the café 1 hour a day for at least 3 days a week. That sort of activity is what we want, not 5 hours the first few days then 30 minutes for a day every week. As Head Barista, you need good grammar and can solve problems creatively and effectively. Showing dedication to the promotion of your account, being interactive and giving suggestions to any admin. Show great leadership skills and creativity. After about a month, you will either be chosen to be apart of our MR team or continue to be looked at for inspection to see potential.

Session Schedule



10:00 AM EST

2:00 PM EST

8:00 PM EST


11:00 AM EST

3:00 PM EST

9:00 PM EST


Training Guide

Hello and welcome to the Shaf-tey Cafe’s training session! My name is (NAME). I’ll be your trainer today.

I hope you were listening to the rules as today we will be doing a troll test, roleplay test, rule test, as well as an order test.

Let’s start off with how you make milkshakes. Please listen closely to make sure you know this information.

To make a milkshake, you need a; Milkshake Glass + Milk + Flavour, then you blend it.

[I] Troll Simulation

Now, we will move onto the Troll Simulation. This point and beyond everything will be worth points.

Trolls at the café are people who are disrespectful and break the rules because it’s “Funny.” Trolls we warn.

However, if it’s an Exploiter/Hacker. We will call an admin right away as they can ruin the game experience.

If you need to know how to call an admin. The easiest way to call an admin is by asking for one via the group wall.

When the troll is at max warnings, which is III, we call an Mr/Hr.

When you warn, use the warning format. Which is:

Warning I | (REASON) | (USERNAME)

We will now test to see if you react correctly to trolls, please state your greeting when I refresh.

[II] Order Test

You will be making five orders with everyone else. Only correct orders can receive points.

This test is to see if you can create drinks for customers. I will ask for V drinks in total. Though, one at a time.

When I state my order, you will have I minute to create that drink or pastry.

Choose any drinks of your choice

[III] Rule Test

We will now be doing a rule test. This is to test if you were listening to the host at the beginning.

We will be PMing you questions, please answer in the PM’s

PM the questions to everyone

[I] Is grammar Required here?

[II] Should you ever break customer rules as a worker?

[III] What do you do if you need help making drinks?

[IV] Roleplay Test

We will now do a roleplay test, I will be coming up to you and asking for an order. When I do come up, you state your greeting. I will ask for one pastry and one milkshake.

When I refresh, state your greeting.


Congratulations, you have passed. Please head over to the lines over there. We will be ranking you shortly.

Uh oh! Sadly you failed this session. Don’t make this discourage you as we have training sessions every day!


Some information, we will no longer allow Experienced Barista’s+ not use grammar. Experienced Barista’s+ now must use grammar when on job. No training hosted when they are meant to? Please state the mistake in the group wall so we make sure we are always on time.