Shake 'n Steak - Information

:wave: Hello and welcome to Shake 'n Steak ROBLOX! We are a ROBLOX family restaurant for all ages.

:hamburger: Our restaurant is open 24 hours a day! Please stop by anytime to enjoy our delicious food and excellent service!

:fist_right:| Shake 'n Steak was proudly founded by Dev12739 on 6-23-22!

:heart_eyes:| We hope you enjoy your time at Shake 'n Steak!

:scroll: We do have some rules around here! Listed below are our group rules. We ask all members to follow these rules.

  1. Use appropriate language.
  2. Be kind and respectful to all.
  3. Be responsible.
  4. Don’t spam.
  5. Don’t make racist, homophobic, or sexist comments
  6. Don’t troll.
  7. Don’t leak.
  8. Do not advertise within the server and/or DMs.
  9. Do not discuss controversial topics (An example of this is politics).
  10. Have fun!

Have a question or need help with something in our restaurant? We got you covered with a team of support staff here to help! All you have to do is create a ticket in #:exclamation:-support for a maximum of 48-hour service.