ShakeAway Appeal Guide

ShakeAway- Appeals Guide


This guide will show you how to appeal your game or communications server ban. We do not have a format, so you can type as much as you want that you think will help you get unbanned.

Appealing Rules

When appealing your ban, please state your roblox or communications username and tell us which ban you want to appeal.

Your appeal must be sent to one of our high ranks.

You must wait a minimum of 2 weeks to after your ban in order to appeal. If you appeal prior to the 14 days, your appeal will automatically be declined and your 2 week cooldown will reset.

Do not spam our HRs to read your application, they will be read and you will get a response within 24 - 72 hours.

Appeals can be sent through Roblox PMs, in game PMs, or DMs right to our high ranks.

If your appeal was declined, you will have to wait two weeks to re-appeal again. Do not spam our HRs or be disrespectful toward them if you didn’t get a response or if it got declined. This will reduce the chance of getting unbanned. It is the HRs choice to think whether your appeal was good or not.

If you received more than one ban all for the same reason, only send one appeal since the ban reasons are literally all the same, but please state that your appealing for multiple. But if you got banned multiple times for multiple different reasons, please send in different appeals for each ban

Ask any Chief Staff Officer+ if you have additional questions about our banning process.

What to put in your appeal-

The reason why you were banned

Who banned you if you know

Why we should unban you

What will you do if we unban you

You can add as much information in your appeal as you want, as that will increase the chance of getting you unbanned and impressing our HRs. You do need to have good grammar in order to understand what your talking about.


Once you have sent your appeal, our HR team will look at it and you’ll get a response within 72 hours. If successful, your ban will be removed, but doesn’t restrict you from other ShakeAway Bans. Be aware of your actions before doing something. Feel free to contact any of our Chief Staff Officers or above with any questions or concerns. If you have been falsely banned, you can contact an HR with proof, including who banned you.

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Created by Provenders, Management Team