ShakeAway Code Of Conduct

ShakeAway- Code Of Conduct


The Code Of Conduct is a page of rules for every rank, including customers and guests, at every ShakeAway game. However you act and behave all reflects on this page of rules. Failure to follow these rules will result in consequences. This is split into 2 sections, which is everyone and LRs+ (low ranks and above) Please note that it’s an HRs choice if they think you broke a rule. If you’ve been falsely banned, please contact a CSO or above.

General Code Of Conduct

These are the rules you are required to follow when visiting all ShakeAway games. Failure to follow these rules will result in consequences.

|1| Please refrain from exploiting in any ShakeAway game. If you are caught exploiting by one of our high ranks in any of our games, you will permanently be banned.

|2| Trolling or not ordering properly is not allowed. Please refrain from trolling to not get banned from all of our games.

|3| Please wear proper attire when entering the cafe or centers. Inappropriate attire would be-

Flashy or bright clothing

Any clothing that promotes inappropriate stuff

Any clothing that blends in with skin colors

Any bypassed clothing

Any “devilish or unrealistic” clothing

Any racist clothing

If you enter the cafe with any of the clothing above, you will be given 2 minutes to change your character. If you refuse or just fail in time, you will be instantly banned from our games. It is any HRs choice to think whether or not your avatar is inappropriate and if they ask you to change your avatar, you are required to do so.

|4| For the sake of others, no inappropriate usernames that bypass the roblox filter. You will be banned if you break this rule. This applies for all ShakeAway games.

|5| Spamming isn’t allowed in any of our games, on the group wall, or the communications server. Spamming will get you banned.

|6| Do not annoy our HRs. If you are told to stop in game because you are following them or you are just trying to annoy them, they have the right to kick or ban you from the server.

|7| Any signs of advertising, even if it’s your YouTube account, communications server, Roblox group, etc, isn’t allowed and will get you banned from our server.

|8| Please do not lie about other users actions and tell us they did something they didn’t do. This will get you permanently banned without appeal.

|9| Please speak the best English you could, as most of our staff only understand that language. If you do not know how to speak or read English, please translate your language to English. If you troll or abuse another language, you will be banned from the server.

If you fail to speak English after an HR has told you to stop, you will be banned.

|10| When ordering from the cafe, the maximum amount of items you can order is four. If you order more than four items in that same order, you will be reminded that the limit is four. If you continue to order items after being reminded the limit was four, you will be kicked.

|11| HRs have the right to ban your alternative accounts if you rejoin after you were banned for breaking the rules.

|12| Use common sense. If you think an action you want to do is wrong, refrain from doing it. Doing it may be wrong and you can get banned. You can always check this page if you want to check if what your doing is wrong. HRs have the right to ban you if you are doing something that is wrong but isn’t listed on the page.

|13| To visit the café, your account must be older than 14 days. This is to prevent trollers and exploiters who have been banned on previous accounts. We might not know if someone who has been banned rejoined, but we can ban that user again if they repeat their actions.

Staff Code Of Conduct

Dress Code

Here at ShakeAway, we want our customers and guests to be happy. We need to keep them impressed by wearing good attire. Beauty is the key to impressing someone, so please wear good attire. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have robux at all, just make sure your avatar looks neat and has clothing on at all times. Staff are required to wear the 1.0 robloxian package (no package at all) while at ShakeAway games. This isn’t required for LRs because they are our customers and they can wear whatever they want (Something not inappropriate and is a good attire) Failure to have a good attire will lead to getting kicked or banned from the server. Please refrain from this because there are some consequences from this.


While at the café, we expect you to be mature. We do not want to see immaturity at all, such as spamming caps, arguing, raiding, trolling, exploiting, disrespecting people, insulting anyone or being sarcastic. It will make you look immature and you will get kicked, banned, or demoted from the server. This applies for both customers and staff.


Your actions are what you will be tested on. You are responsible for yourself, not anyone else. Responsibilities include managing the café, working behind the counter, visiting the café, etc. Remember that when you enter the game as an employee it is your job to complete your main task. You can chat with people and friends, but you also must focus on your job too. When you talk to people, make sure to not go overboard by messing with them. Doing so will result in a warning, demotion, or a ban. You are responsible for your own account, so don’t make excuses that you didn’t do something that caused you to get demoted or banned.


Asking for a promotion will lower the chance of being promoted and may be possibly demoted. Asking for SA repeatedly shows us that you only care about the admin, not the actual task of being an HR. Doing this will get you demoted and possibly banned.


Grammar is needed at all times to prevent trolling. If you don’t know how to use grammar perfectly, you are struggling and it seems to us you are actually trying to speak, we will let that slide, but if you troll with your grammar, you will get banned. Grammar is needed in the café and the centers. Not using proper grammar will once again get you banned.

Job Requirements

If you want to work at ShakeAway, you must have safechat disabled on your account. This is because most of the times when a user is speaking, it will show it in tags. To remove safechat, you must be over 13 years old. Your account also must be at least 14 days old before you apply. This is to prevent trollers and exploiters. If your account is under this time range, you must wait for 2 weeks (or how much time to wait left after wanting to apply) until your account is over the required amount of days to play.

Admin Commands

Admin commands are only used by HRs and SHRS. If you are a successful HR, this rule is for you. Please do not abuse abusive commands such as the following- unadmin, mod, pban, unpban, smtest, team, gear, hat, iteminfo, awardcape, btools, seg, jump, sit, promptpurchase, speed, place, god, ungod, play, volume, vol, stopsound, countdown, startergear, time, clearstartergear, createserver, deleteserver, privateservers, toreserved, and exampleplugin. You may only use these commands at certain times when needed. If you abuse these commands, you will be both demoted and banned. For more information, contact CMO+.

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