Shakiez Bakery | Work at a Roleplay Bakery

:sunny: Introducing Shakiez Bakery! :bubble_tea:

Hello! I’m Healix! The President of Shakiez Bakery along my Vice President! We are a roleplay bakery that lets you train with us, get promotions and work! You can be 8-9 roles which include LR-SHR. LR do not get admin commands. Tho, With us you can enjoy the wonderfull trainings by our BEE-UTIFULL Staff who train you to rank up to MR+. After being a MR, you can work hard to be noticed for a promotion. Here are some ranks you can get with us.

:briefcase:Senior Staff
:shield:Moderator+ Ranks (MR)

Come join the beauty of this summer and plah Shakiez Bakery! We’re hiring staff! Trainings soon today!

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-By Shakiez Bakery Management

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