Shall I repay the person who bought my game pass which I made available for in-game currency now?

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I put it in #development-discussion because it’s related to the development of my game. :slight_smile:
I made game passes in my game earlier which have got some sales by a person. I, now, plan to remove those and offer them to players as skill-upgrades for coins they collect in-game. I don’t know what to do because the person who paid for those game passes can actually get them for coins now which doesn’t cost Robux.

What should I do now?


Are the coins available to purchase with Robux? If so, I’d refund anyone who’s purchased the game pass with in-game currency equivalent to the Robux value (e.g. if you charged 100 Robux for 1000 coins, and the game pass was 100 Robux, refund them with 1000 coins).

This is a BAD PR move on your part. If the people that bought the game-pass thought they would get premium items then you should still try and follow through on it. By just removing these game passes the players who bought the game pass could feel scammed and they probably would avoid buying your game passes in the future!

I do not suggest removing these game passes, rather give the players who bought it something else of equivalence.
Compensate them with something else and be sure to tell them of this change in-game when it happens!

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Yeah, that’s a better way. It’d save tax which I’ll have to pay from my own fund.

You can always let them keep the benefits too as an apology. If you want to take it one step further, you can give them an exclusive in-game item for people who previously purchased the game pass.

There’s only 1 person. I didn’t even know someone bought it until some minutes ago.

It’s totally up to you how you decide to do it, but be sure to think about how you might implement things in future, to avoid it happening again!

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I’m gonna repay him in coins with bonus as an apology.