Shape issue with Custom Health Bar

Hello :wave:

I need help please :pray:, I’m trying to do a health bar system with a custom UI but I have this problem

Here my explorer:

And I used this topic but don’t found how to fix it :

What is the problem? The bar seems to work perfectly fine.

As you can see is not the correct shape:


What is the code for the bar? Like wich code updates it?

The samzme of the topic

function resizeCustomLoadingBar(sizeRatio, clipping, top)
    clipping.Size =, clipping.Size.X.Offset, clipping.Size.Y.Scale, clipping.Size.Y.Offset)
    top.Size = > 0 and 1 / sizeRatio) or 0, top.Size.X.Offset, top.Size.Y.Scale, top.Size.Y.Offset) -- Extra check in place just to avoid doing 1 / 0 (which is undefined)

I just added tween

Does it work without tween? And send me your code with the tween.

No it doesn’t work with tween, so I don’t think is necessary to send you the script with tween

Try removing the UIAspectRatioConstraint under HealthBarEmpty

Try going into some type of photoshop like Photopea and use the magic wand tool to get rid of the health bar center. Then you could insert a frame and put it under the health bar. That is what I came up with.

Unfortunately no, always same issue.

But frame will take the shape of the image ?

I found solution here:

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