Shapeify - 3D modeling plugin, for simple and complex shapes [Updated V1.1]

in short convenience, not having to upload your model into studio saves time

does this turn it into a meshpart, union, or a bunch of baseparts?

by default it is just a model of parts, however you are able to set it as a union

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I have not tried it yet due to the price, but is there a smoothing feature where perhaps you can draw the outline and it will draw a smooth curve to the points, so that it does not have jagged edges.

Also does it have the ability to carve out holes of an object?


Hi Lord_BradyRocks

Currently it does not have a smoothing feature, but you are able to place many nodes near to each other to create a fairly “smooth” surface. It can cut holes in objects via unions and negate.

Practially impossible, only works if u like create 10K+ triangles and that is not gonna work out

Hey! Would it be possible for you to add a gamepass purchase for this?

This is the first plugin I’ve ever bought. Please continue to improve and develop this plugin.

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if I were to make it purchasable via gamepass it would have to cost approx 3700 robux for me to get paid the same