Hey everyone! Welcome to the first Blox Royale update! This one has alot of anticipated features so lets get into them!


  • Bloxfields! FIVE new bloxfields and a ranking system have been added! If you win a battle you will gain Blockalians, loosing a battle will result in lost blockalians. Once you reach a certian blockalian threshold you will be moved into the next bloxfield!

  • Huge thanks to all the builders who submitted a map for our map building contest for blocks… you really made my life easier. lol

  • New cards! FOUR new cards have been introduced! Each one will become avalible in the premium shop right after the other one becomes avalible normally. Upon purchasing one you will gain the ability to get it through boxes.
    Premium Shop Sheduale!
    April 9th-11th - Rocket Guest (5000 Coins)
    April 11th-13th - Nuke (10000 Coins)
    April 13th-15th - Eternal Fountain (25000 Coins)
    April 15th-17th - Fressius Noobarus (50000 Coins)

  • EVENT! The shards from the haven tycoon have somehow been scrambled about Blox Royale! You can learn more about the event in the new menu. Collect all 5 shards to unlock a brand new EXCLUSIVE troop!

  • Player Level! Upon upgrading cards you now gain XP. Each level increases your tower health and boosts your chances of a rarer box. Currently the max level is 9.


  • Matchmaking Changes! You are now paired with users in the same bloxfield as you. Also for the first 15 seconds the game will look for a match in YOUR server, if it is unable to find one it will switch to server-wide matchmaking which will allow you to be paired with users from other servers. However if a match is still not found 15 seconds after that you will be paired with a bot.

  • Timer mechanic! The most wanted feature is now here! Games now have a set timer of 5 minutes MAX. For the first 2 minutes everything is normal requiring all 3 towers to be destroyed. The 3rd minute is x2 blockite. If both players are tied the game continues and the 4th minute is x3 blockite and x2 damage from troops and the 5th minute is x4 blockite, x3 damage from troops and constant damage to towers. If any tower is destroyed during the final 2 minutes the game ends. I put alot of effort into making the final 2 minutes look really cool!

Thats all for this update! Another one wont be coming for a while as I work on probably the biggest update for the haven tycoon ever. Next Blox Royale update should be around May 1st-3rd!
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If you find any bugs please message me on twitter! Thanks! :))