Share from Roblox App

I’d love to see a share menu implemented to the Roblox mobile app. It’s currently a much longer process to get a link to a game to share with friends; it involves switching to Chrome, finding the game again, and then opening the share sheet.

This could be simplified by simply adding a share option to the context menu, which would open the share sheet, allowing us to select an option (e.g. Messages, Discord, Copy Link, etc.)


I would love to this! It’s extremely hard to share a game from mobile at the moment.

Currently you’re able to share the game with friends in the app itself, however, it would be more convenient if the users can obtain the link of the game through the app rather than them opening the mobile browser.

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This is what I’m looking for. Some sort of button in the menu you’ve shown that allows me to copy a link or open my phone’s sharing menu, so I can send the link as a text or through discord.


This was a thing for a little bit, but it seems to have been removed.

probably because there are no Lua APIs for it, whereas previously the app was running natively

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No, it was a feature with the new Lua pages. It wasn’t a thing for a while, but it was there.