Share your feedback on my UGC creation!(Share your concepts too!)

Hi there!I’m a 4 Year Experianced Lowpoly/Midpoly 3D Assest Creator!I just started feeding an interest towards roblox UGC content!and wanted to see what i can create!

I’ve working on my UGC skills for the past few weeks!Here is my most recent work that i need feedback on!

Poisonous Sytche

Here is rest of my UGC Concept’s!
UGC workshop - Roblox

P.S i would love to see what UGC concepts/Ideas you people have!!Please share your creations too and we can chat about them! :slight_smile:
Take care all!

-WxCesperonurxW Your avarage 3D artist :heart:


Very nice! It’s very simple and that’s what I like about it. My only feedback would be make the purple a bit more textured but apart from that it is brilliant.

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It would look more magical if the stick was a bit bended, and slightly longer :smiley:.


It looks good! My criticism on it is the part where the purple, grey and black meet. It just looks a little funny in that part. I also don’t personally like the teeth or spikes on it. They just look kinda out of place. Also as Megalodox_Official said, it could be longer. It is a good concept though, and I know several people who would definitely buy it.

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Thank you for your feedback i appreciate it so much!I putted the spike and teeths on to give it more of a monsterious vibe!As i was inspired by dragons while making this concept!And i will try to improve texturing thank youuu!:grin:

Thank youuu!!I will try to improve the texturing on it!!Appreciate the feedback!:grin:

Ahhh, well an idea for that would be to curve them more. That would give it a nice feel. Have you already applied to the UGC program??

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You think i should apply for the program? :smile:

I think you should! It seems like you can come up with unique ideas, and they love that.

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Of course yes, your models are incredible!


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hello i’m 3d modeler too, let me tell you that, that is a fantastic work, I really like the idea and also the texture

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Thank you so much for the nice comment!!I’m trying my best :smile:

Thank youuu!I’m sure your work is also awesome!:smile: