Sharp Decrease In Player Count (Reasons?)


I own a game called Daycare center, which normally averages about 700-1K players a day However, recently for some inexplicable reason, my player count has sharply and steadily declined to just barely reaching 300. I had recently released an update that had increased my player count tenfold allowing the game to average around 2K-3K players a day. This was also inflated due to the fact that my game made it to the up and coming sort. However after about a week of being off the sort my game’s player count suddenly dropped steeply to what it is currently. Now this could be explained by the fact that I was taken off the up and coming sort, however I had been averaging much higher than what I am now before even making it to this sort.

I have not been able to come up with a reason for this besides either a shadowban or the game is a playground for exploiters. The latter doesn’t seem possible however, since my game has FE support and does not have any loopholes as far as I know which hackers could exploit. I will attach a picture of my daily stats, if you all can find a reason for this please let me know. Thank you!

Could you provide a link to the game so we can rule out that possibly the game is just boring?

It’s possible your spike of activity came from people just being curious about the game and checking it out. That would explain the relationship between your player count falling after your game was bumped off the sort.

Apologies here is a link to the game. I have attached the monthly stats as well. If that is the case then I suppose it will be time to move on to new games.

since your top time was in July when most kids have summer off and you started to sink in the around September/October, it may just be because kids went back to school around that time. other than that there shouldn’t be a reason you have lower player count.


My games have also lowered in player count, it seems to be the lack of lockdowns now enforced around the world, I would see around 2.5k playing to around 500 similar to you