SHEAR: An Admin Interface Tool

The Entire Story

A couple of weeks ago, I was trying to make a simple admin system that I can edit easily,
but I realized that I cannot do that without OOP, so I made Shear.

What is Shear?

Shear is a system which lets you easily turn a string into a function. You can easily make chat admin commands with Shear.

Shear is also open-source, you can edit it’s source to improve the Shear itself for different tasks.

(However editing the source of Shear is not recommended, there are no comments and explanations completely.)

Why Shear?

Shear has a pretty straightforward API. It consists of 4 object classes: commands, permission sheets, groups and output posts. Those are really pretty easy to use in your code.

Why not Shear?

However, Shear is not so easy for newbie scripters. If you don’t understand the concept of OOP it might not look so easy. If you just need admin commands for your game then you can grab Adonis, HD or Kohl’s Admin interfaces. If you just need to add custom commands to your game, then you can do that with the admin interfaces stated above too.


Documentation for Shear is here.

I would like to know your opinion about Shear, it is my second attempt to make a product for any developer to use, and I think it is still pretty raw.

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